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"I am really happy to represent a brand that puts women first."

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Jennifer Lopez tends to accumulate feats: she was once number 1 in the album and film charts in the same week.

In 2001, she was the star of The Wedding Planner, the most successful film of the year in the USA, while her album J.Lo went to number one. She earned widespread acclaim for her work in the title role of Selena, and was nominated for a Golden Globe award. Her other films include An Unfinished Life, U-Turn, Maid in Manhattan, The Cell, Out of Sight, The Back-up Plan and Bordertown, which she produced. A talented artist, Jennifer Lopez also has a head for business. Her film production company Nuyorican has just signed an agreement on TV and cinema with 20th Century Fox. Her last album "Love" which came out last June, includes the singles Louboutins, On the Floor and I'm Into You.

Jennifer inspires women the world over, by her talent, her personality and her generosity.

A well-known actress, with many box-office successes, she has received Golden Globes nominations. Worshipped as a singer, she has sold 55 million albums across the world and has been awarded a platinum disc. Needless to say, Jennifer has a wealth of red carpet experience. Film producer for television and cinema, a businesswoman committed to a fairer world, Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished women of her era. Jennifer Lopez is a L’Oréal Paris Spokesperson, she is the face of Sublime Mousse and Volume Million Lashes mascara. Watch the videos of Jennifer Lopez in the latest L'Oréal Paris advertising campaigns!

Jennifer is committed to making the world a better place.

Through work with various charities, especially the Maribel Foundation, a non-profit organisation that she set up with her sister Lynda. The Maribel Foundation helps improve the health and well-being of women and children and provides access to medical care. The foundation is currently working with the Los Angeles children's hospital on a telemedecine programme that will enable poor communities the world over to receive care from the best doctors.